Saturday, November 12, 2011

Milly's Nursery: Dresser as Changing Table

When I started mapping out what would actually fit in Milly's nursery, I decided on 3 main pieces: 1) Crib 2) Rocker 3) Changing table (if you have an older home like in totally understand...full of character with NO storage and smaller bedrooms). Regardless of size,I had images in my mind of what I wanted her nursery to look like. One of the main pieces of furniture that I wanted to use was a dresser as her changing table to provide more storage. I wanted white,distressed, and french inspired. These were the images floating in my head...

Jourdan Dresser $1149
Marais Dresser
Emelia Dresser
Aren't these Restoration Hardware Baby pieces AMAZING?! YES, they totally are! However, they are also very overpriced. So, I started my search for the perfect dresser for our sweet baby girls nursery. My next option was from a store called Nadeau. They have beautiful pieces with great prices. Here is the dresser I had my eye on.
Nashville Nadeau $435

Although I loved this dresser, I was looking for a dresser that was a little larger. Jeremy and I searched craigslist and found a beautiful dresser in Spring Hill (about 45 minutes away). We spoke with lady and headed out to see the dresser last night. It was love at first sight. Perfect look, size, and price! Here is Milly's changing table/dresser.
Milly's Dresser/Changing Table $175=what a deal!!!!

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